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La Tentacion is a join Colombian entrepreneurs initiative to establish a model cocoa farm in Colombia. The venture envisions the production of high quality, high yield taste and aroma cocoa in a sustainable and linked prosperity model.

hacienda la tentacion

products & services


  • Seed pattern for cocoa, it is a seed chosen from recommended clones by ICA for the pattern use, are amazon type clones IMC 67, PA 47 and PA 150.The pattern seed comes from certified plants and identified by ICA. These materials are tolerant genetically from illnesses from the ground.
  • Carrying twigs buds: La Tentación is in process of becoming a certified provider of genetic material quality cocoa flavor of the following materials: FSA 13, FEAR 5, FTA 2 and FSV 41, We will have a garden with elite materials, with the most productive clones in Colombia as they are: CCN 51, TCS 01, TCS 06, FEC 2 and FLE 3.Additionally we have a conventional clonal garden to offer twigs sales of universal materials like ICS 1, ICS 6, ICS 39, TSH 565, TSH 812, EET 8, EET 96, CAU 39, CAU 43.
  • Seedlings productions of cocoa pattern or grafted seedlings custom made and in necessary amounts for agribusiness and state projects.Asexual materials sales of certified Harton banana, produced custom made, either selected or fixed colino or bagged seedlings in units of 3 kilos, pests free.


  • Hacienda La Tentación has the ability to advise the cocoa and banana vegetal material production for agribusiness and state projects.
  • Give technic advice for the establishment of venture for cocoa agroforestry models for the area of middle Magdalena and Tropical Rainforest.
  • Advice the benefit production to achive the COLCOCOA type quality and liaise to purchase and exportation of fine cocoas and flavor of this quality.


The Hacienda La Tentación harbor a big biodiversity, in it we can find more than 20 amphibian species, 22 reptiles, 70 mammals and more than 124 birds. Some of this species are considered endemic, because of their ecological characteristics they are limited to a small geographical area and they are not found in a natural way in any other part of the world.

The implementation of the cocoa agroforestry system becomes in an important tool for the biodiversity talk, by having in its structure a big diversity of forest species and life forms, contributing to the landscape heterogeneity of eastern Caldas.




Our Approach


Carbon capture and biodiversity impact

. Transformation of former soil depleting pasture land to agroforestry cocoa system
. Rehabilitation of secondary forest bush area to agroforestry cocoa system
. Natural carbon capture in soil and biomass
. Increased Biodiversity

Natural conservation reserve:  35% of total area

Protected watershed and primary forest
Farm included in the National Forest Conservation and National Reforestation
Action Plan. 50,000 fine wood new trees to be planted in La Tentacion as part of

Cocoa Varieties: FSV41, FSA13, FEAR5, ICS1, FEC2
Permanent shade wood varieties: Acacia , Melina (Gmelina arborea), Abarco (Colombian Mahogany)
Temporary Sahde Plantain vaieties: Dominico Hartón



. Experimental garden for new varieties, part of National Cococa Federation (Fedecacao’s) research program.
. Precision agriculture
. Technology based information system


Measurable progress and

. Sustainable Agriculture Balanced Score Card
. Carbon capture certification: ICONTEC GAP
. Biodiversity measurement: Darwin Core method
(SIB – Sistema de Información de Biodiversidad en Colombia)
. Cocoa material producer: Certified by ICA
(Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario)
. Good Agriculture Practices: NTC 5811 ICONTEC GAP



Location: N 5 ° 32´ 29 “; OR 74 ° 50´ 18´
Sidewalk: Montenegro
Municipality: Victoria
Department: Caldas.
Average height: 400 m.a.s.l.
Total area: 312 hectares
Reservation and protection area: 119 hectares
Agro-ecological zone: humid tropical forest
Average annual rainfall: 2800 mm
Number of rainy days: > 200
Average relative humidity: 75%
Average temperature: 27° C
Maximum current of 1435 watt/m2